HIV/AIDS Prevention

HIV Testing & treatment as prevention

Research released in late 2011 indicated those with HIV who are receiving antiretroviral therapy have very low amounts of the virus in their bodies, which can prevent the passing of the virus to others. Unfortunately, only two out of three individuals with HIV are receiving consistent care, and an estimated 57 percent have their virus under control, also known as suppressed (CDC, 2021).

The CDC now recommends that all Americans be tested for HIV at least once, and that those at greater risk get tested once a year or more, depending upon an individual’s situation and risk factors. Early detection of HIV and immediate and consistent treatment of the disease can extend the lifespan of the person infected, and also drastically reduces the spread of HIV.

Beginning in fall 2012, The Health Foundation of Greater Indianapolis awarded its first round of grants in line with the new national priority of funding HIV testing & treatment as prevention, which supports this latest research.

HIV Testing Sites

Use this tool to search for providers in your area that can offer you with testing services, PrEP, or treatment services.

Getting tested is easy and takes little time.