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The Health Foundation of Greater Indianapolis, Inc. currently supports a statewide Public Health AmeriCorps (a Healthy Futures grant supported by CDC) supporting up to 34 Members in partnership with 18 Service Sites, located in every region of Indiana. Our program is focused on development in under-resourced areas that will benefit from further enhancement of public health infrastructure, as it relates to HIV, Hepatitis C (HCV), and Harm Reduction.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has developed a plan to respond to Ending the HIV Epidemic (EHE) to Diagnose, Treat, Prevent, and Respond. To be intentional and ensure AmeriCorps Members are at the forefront of our efforts to eradicate HIV and HCV, our Members’ roles will be developed in line with both the EHE pillars and the Zero Is Possible (ZIP) Indiana plans, (developed by Indiana Department of Health) increasing the capacity of communities to execute these plans. The Marion County EHE and ZIP plans are calling for capacity building within public health, and our goal is to answer this call by facilitating the increased support from highly trained AmeriCorps members. Members’ placements align with the values and principles of both plans, which address ending both HIV and HCV epidemics in the state. Whether developing programming in a food pantry, conducting HIV/HCV test counseling, or getting connected to SUD treatment, we expect enhanced capacity for HIV/HCV service organizations throughout the State of Indiana to better meet the needs of underserved and vulnerable communities.

Through observation and hands on experiences, Members witness first-hand the impact, value, and purpose of their role in public health. Each day during their full-time placement (1700 hours), the Members will provide direct services support, information, and resource development for those living with HIV, HCV and SUD. It is critical that all available resources are strategically allocated to areas with the most need. There is a perpetual need on our part, to adjust to the ever-changing needs of the community as we progress through the plan. Ongoing assessment and reassessment guides priority areas from year to year. Since our current program started in 2020 under Serve Indiana, our program model has been once again confirmed as a successful strategy as we have witnessed many of our Members step into leadership roles in various aspects of their lives.

The Health Foundation of Greater Indianapolis previously managed over 100 AmeriCorps members who successfully completed their training and service year, through a CNCS Direct program with an HIV specific training model. The success of our program has been evidenced by the subsequent achievements of both the Service Sites and Members themselves. Approximately sixty percent of our previous members are continuing to work in public health. Four have gone on to become medical doctors. Roughly 20 have achieved a graduate degree in their respective focus areas. The field of public health has greatly benefited through investment in future leaders.

New HIV infection rates have generally remained the same despite countless efforts to prevent and treat HIV. African American and Latino communities have been experiencing more disproportionate new infections than their counterparts from earlier years in the epidemic, as well as a higher mortality rate related to having an AIDS diagnosis. The state of Indiana has experienced the largest rural outbreak in US history of HIV and Hepatitis C (HCV), and experts in the field are constantly working to curtail the next epidemic. Marion County was identified as one of the 48 counties nationwide to receive funding to respond to the call to End the HIV Epidemic. There is a need to adequately equip skilled, competent, innovative leaders to support this plan.

There will continue to be ten Members placed around the city of Indianapolis to address HIV, HCV, and Harm Reduction. We intend to place Members in pairs throughout the state in regional cohorts at new Service Sites to promote expansion of HCV and Harm Reduction services. Members directly assist with building the response and infrastructure for services while providing direct services. This involvement will be another set of skills and experience Members will gain through their placements through workforce development. The pairs will directly align with the regional coalitions, while continuing to benefit from networking with other Members around the state.

One reality when it comes to this effort; everyone can serve. We engage Members from many academic disciplines, socio-economic backgrounds, and lived experiences. Common areas of interest include Medicine, Social Work, Public Health, Harm Reduction, etc. Some Members simply use AmeriCorps as a gap year to confirm their areas of interest. Others may hold a GED and intend to continue into employment following their service. It is our differences that make us stronger by learning, growing, and serving together.

For information on this program, please contact: Ebony Barney, Program Manager,

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